Todays Episode Review:
Jammie works as a double in action movies. She is very good at her job but does not get famous since her face is not revealed to the public. Meanwhile she has a friend who works in a coffee shop. She walks in and gets a cup of coffee for free. Because she is inside a social hub and her clothes does not fit in, she easily got noticed. One rich girl got irritated of her presence and strongly walks up to her and talks to the waitress regarding her presence. Her apologizes for the incident but still the heiress does not want to accept it and it also got her nameplate. Jammie followed her to get her friend's nameplate and let her just forget of what had happened. But the rich girl made it difficult for herself and got a lesson from Jammie.
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May 27, 2011
Edward Fuentebella (Jake Cuenca) went to see Chairman Ricardo Tuazon (Ricardo Cepeda) to confront him about some things. Edward foretells about what happened in the past that leads him to revenge against Chairman Tuazon. Chairman Tuazon asks sorry to Edward for what happened to his father but he is not the reason why Edward's father died. Mr. Lee Jong Su who is Jerome Delgado (Jericho Rosales) then tells Edward that he has no right trying to kill Chairman Tuazon just to revenge for his father's death. Edward apologizes to Jerome that his mother - Linda died because of him. Chairman Tuazon then tried to explain to Edward that he did not want his father to die and that he knew the man behind killing his father. Edward's father is a good friend of Chairman Tuazon and they became partners in business where Edward's father is the man who made all the SR products. Chairman Tuazon then tells Edward that there is a letter left for him from the man who killed his father and that he failed giving it to him in the past. Edward then went to see the woman who got the letter and finally knew about the truth behind his father's death. Days passed and Edward did not work at the SR company anymore where Chairman Tuazon is worried about him. Chairman Tuazon then asked his daughter - Angela Tuazon (Anne Curtis) to look for Edward and bring him back in the SR company. Angela knew to where Edward's father is burried and found Edward there visiting his father's grave. Edward then tells Angela that he wants her to love him back the way he loves Angela. With this, will Angela fulfill what Edward wished and love him back the way he used to love her? Or will Angela choose Jerome as they have promised each other for an eternal love like the flower that can only be found in heaven - the Green rose?Will Jerome and Angela be together?
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May 26, 2011
"Kabayaran" (It's payback time!). Mr. Lee Jong Su who is Jerome Delgado (Jericho Rosales) is letting Chairmand Ricardo Tuazon (Ricardo Cepeda) hear what he recorded. Jerome have recorded what Juanito revealed to him that Edward Fuentebella (Jake Cuenca) is the man who tried killing Chairman Tuazon. Jerome wanted to know what is the reason behind why Edward wants to kill Chairman Tuazon. Chairman Tuazon did not even react after hearing the recorded tape of Jerome even thou it is very clear that Juanito revealed that it is Edward. Since Chairman Tuazon has no reaction at all, Jerome decided to see Edward to confront him about this. Jerome then asked Edward why he is trying to kill Chairman Tuazon and that tells Edward that he already have an evidence against him. Edward tells Jerome that he can never defeat him since he knew that Chairman Tuazon is not going to tell everyone that Edward has something to do with it. Jerome is also asking Edward to why he is doing this and Edward tells Jerome that the reason is Angela Tuazon (Anne Curtis). Edward tried killing Chairman Tuazon and make Jerome as the suspect because Jerome got on his way towards Angela. Jerome did not believe Edward that Angela is the reason behind all these and suddenly Edward asks the help of his security to let Jerome go out of his office. On the other hand, Chairman Tuazon talks to her daughter - Angela about all the things that had happened. Chairman Tuazon apologizes to Angela because as what he said he is the reason why somebody tried to kill him. With this, will Angela finally know that the suspect is her boyfriend - Edward? How will Angela react after knowing that it is her boyfriend - Edward who is trying to kill her father - Chairman Tuazon? Can Edward still defend himself towards Angela, Chairman Tuazon and the others?
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